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  • March 31, 2017
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Dominate the SEO: Develop your brand in the eyes of Google | ecs lahoreOne of the most important factors in SEO is also the one that is the most difficult to handle. Indeed, the authority of a site, the strength of its online brand image, is a direct indicator of its importance within its industry, consequently a factor that Google favors when it comes time to award the top positions Natural resources. Moreover, Google has never hidden from wanting to promote brands within its algorithm, as underlined by this famous statement of Eric Schmidt that still resonates within the walls of the temple SEO for 4 years now: “Web crawlers Are not particularly good at making judgments about the truth of digital matter, and the wisdom of the crowd cannot keep up with the stream of online streaming. Schmidt gave the magazine publishers hope for their future. This means that even if your site has quality content and you invest all kinds of efforts in your SEO, if your brand is not perceived positively in the eyes of Google, it will be difficult to compete within any competitive industry. That was true four years ago, and it is still true today.



Panda and penguin updates had as their goal to devour sites with low value content and those involved in dubious inbound link strategies. If many penalized sites deserved these punishments, other sites were unfortunately treated as collateral damage. What has to be noted is that many business sites have been spared, even if they use strategies reprimand able by the panda and the penguin. Although I will not name a name, I could very easily present as an example the profile of incoming links from one of the most influential companies in Quebec, and bring to light their black hat tactics of the worst kind, including areas Purchased for redirecting links, cloaking and duplicate content in profusion, etc. While I am this online industry closely, this company has never been affected by any updates. That said, you should not see the glass half-empty, but rather half-full. For small and medium businesses, and those that aim to stand out within their online industry, it is possible right now to take the necessary actions to develop your brand in the eyes of Google. A strong and credible brand puts the odds on your side of any possible punitive update from Google and its black and white animals, be it a cow, a zebra or even a skunk.



The following factors are the ones I have observed in my SEO campaigns of the past few years, which in my opinion have a high rate of influence on the perceived authority of a site within its industry. That said, this list is unfortunately not confirmed with Google, however a partial or total application of these principles is certain to bring you results. Ready? Let’s go.



In my opinion, this is criterion # 1 at the center of the penguin update. The more your inbound link profile contains optimized anchors, the more supernatural your inbound link policies will appear. If you are a recognized brand, chances are very strong that you naturally get the greatest share of your inbound links. These come from your offline ads, your business implications, associations within your industry etc. Outside, the vast majority of these links will have the name of your company in their anchor, so links that appear natural. Conversely, the more your inbound links profile contains anchors that include your keywords, the more you demonstrate that these links are only acquired for the purpose of artificially inflating your positioning under certain keywords. How to apply this advice: Think about how to get “branding” inbound links. Continue your inbound link efforts, but include in your plan obtaining quality links including your trademark, and on credible sites with any link to your industry. Strictly include “normal” anchors in your semi-natural linking strategies. What is a good percentage of branding anchors versus optimized? I would be tempted to say 75% to be safe; however this is not scientifically proven. To analyze your profile of incoming links and your anchors, I recommend MajesticSEO , especially the search “top anchors” (free if you own the domain).



The question whether or not Google takes account of attendance statistics (mainly the bounce rate) is a debate that is not unanimous. What is certain, on the other hand, is that Google has this statistic, calculating each click made since the search results, and most importantly, if the researcher returns to the search result page after an unsuccessful visit. If a visitor comes to your site after a Google search, looks at the page and returns to Google to see the following results, Google may well qualify this visit as not meeting the visitor’s expectations. If 100 visitors repeat the same sequence, you will be in trouble and risk losing feathers in terms of natural rankings. How to apply this Tip: Heal your bounce rate for your keywords. If you get an organic first rank for any of your terms, make sure that the expectations of your visitors are met. Check out the sites that hug you in search results. Do they offer content that is superior to yours? In all honesty, do they deserve to be posted in front of your site in the natural ranking? These are questions that hurt, but oh so necessary 🙂



I may be talking only to myself, however I am so focused in my virtual world that I come to forget the indirect strategies that can contribute to the development of the web visibility of a site. One of these strategies is not to neglect traditional offline and conventional media. The reason is simple: after seeing an advertisement, TV, radio or newspaper, interested Internet users are likely to look for the brand name or product from the search engines, instead of typing the site address. The Chrome search bar makes it easier, which explains the presence of the keywords “Google”, “Face book” and other brands at the top of the most searched keywords online. The number of searches for a company name is a direct signal of the strength of its brand. It becomes interesting to use external advertising to create leverage and create goodwill under your name, and tell Google your popularity. For example, type a first letter under Google, and chances are good that the first recommendations will be related to a trademark:  How to apply this advice: If you are a local business, think about how to use advertising to drive traffic to your website. We may not have the budget for a TV ad, however many media papers offer interesting packages these days, while the print attempts to combat the threat of digital. Advertising must of course encourage people to pick you up online. A coupon on your site, a special invitation to an event or a study to download is strategies likely to create a word of mouth favorable to your website.



At the level of different types inbound links, there is very little as much impact as links from media sites of editorial nature. Receiving a mention or link on a media site is a challenge in itself, as you must already be known to be mentioned on sites such as or So you have to think strategically, and above all, be realistic with your goals. One way of getting people talking is to be attentive to the needs of journalists. A website like is designed to connect journalists and professionals like you and me, to validate facts and be cited as examples. Unfortunately, I did not find an equivalent service at the Francophone level, however here is an exhaustive list of Quebec journalists, some independent, who can be approached for a scoop. If not, another advice is to use Twitter to build lists of media people, and find ways to contribute to the discussions. For example, if I own a technology company, it would make sense to identify the journalists covering my industry and to point out to me. How to apply this advice: First, if you want to be picked up by the media, you need to have something new or important. If you have the content, a first action could be to issue a press release to leave the ball, and then use this dispatch to share the premiere with pampered journalists. Of course, this helps if you already have a relationship with them. If you do not have the content, it is better to wait in order not to burn your contacts. By then, you can always organize and hone your efforts on Twitter 😉



The influence of social media on Internet referencing is an established factor and proven by numerous studies. That said the 2.0 remains an index that can be easily blurred, while it is very easy to buy retweets, likes FB, and 1. For this reason, it is important not only to think about what is shared, but especially who shares it. Put yourself in the shoes of Google: if I want to measure the value of communities to influence SEO … what is the most relevant factor?

Content from a site that can be retweet thousands of times by users of all kinds?

Content that is shared by a user deemed to be influential within an industry?

The 2nd option is obviously more difficult to manipulate, and therefore remains a better quality index, proving that the content is not shared by a robot, a puppet or a paid user. In this excellent article under the SEO by the Sea blog, author Bill Slawski reports Age rank, an algorithm developed by Google to measure a user’s influence from his actions on social media. If an influential author shares an article, this article will be considered important, and credibility will flow to the host domain of the content. So to reinforce a brand in the eyes of Google, two methods are possible: 1.) Have an article on its site shared and taken over by an influential user. 2.) Become yourself an influential user, therefore a positive association for your business. How to apply this advice: As a first step, identify the communities frequented by influential users in your industry. Develop a profile with quality interactions while building your presence and taking note of influential users. Example: In my case, I know that influential users of my industry (SEO) are particularly active under Twitter. My goal is to find a way for my content to be shared by credible members (example Olivier Duffez of ), in order to develop the authority of my profile, and by the fact of the article and This site. Who are the influential 2.0 players in your industry, and what are you doing to get you noticed?



Nothing can be built overnight, and only through constant quality work you will develop your brand in the eyes of Google and your users. How will you know when you have succeeded in developing a quality brand? When you realize that you do not even need Google to reach your goals 😉 And you, what are your tricks to develop your online authority?

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